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Yaoi Fanfiction Challenges + Fic List

Okay, so, there's this like massive wooplah over this 'illegal and harmful content' thing in LJ. I figured I would write this bit in, because I need a place to keep track of my themes anyway. I'm not American, and as far as I'm concerned gay pr0n isn't illegal in America (Let me know if it is one day), so I'm going to continue writing yaoi uninterrupted.

So, INSERT MASSIVE DISCLAIMER which everyone will read:
[ Every post tagged bleachyaoi, byauke, oneshot and/or chaptered depict fictional characters of legal age consent in the US (and beyond), and in rare occasions, are considered to be of legal age consent in the US (and beyond) in homosexual, explicit, sexual situations in the form of fanfiction. The rating for every post tagged with the abovementioned tags is considered to be NC-17 (American) or R18 (British). Every post with such tags has the explicit material behind an LJ-cut - It is the user's own decision (and up to his/her discrepancy) to click on the LJ-cut and be exposed to the material. I strongly encourage readers to see this as a form of artistic, creative expression, and in no way do I espouse non-consensual sex (i.e. rape), abuse or violence.

For those of you just browsing, definitions are below.

DefinitionsCollapse )

Rant and Rage.Collapse )

Okay, so, enough of me ranting. Back to what this post was originally designed for; keeping track of my writing challenges.

For 30_romances :
30_romancesCollapse )

For 18coda :
18codaCollapse )

For 30_ballads :
Completed: 11 of 30
30_balladsCollapse )

For 50scenes:
Byakuya: Completed 25 of 50.
50scenes: Byakuya [Table 3]Collapse )

Gin: Completed 27 of 50.
50scenes: Gin [Table 1]Collapse )

Fic List: Every fic I've written/put on up LJ (except for the submissions to the anonymous memes, obviously) listed by date (newer fics at the top, except for chapters which are in order). So far they're all Bleach. I'll update when - or rather, if - this changes...

Fiction ListCollapse )


Unbroken Promise

Technically I should be posting this on Gin's birthday, not mine XD BUT OH WELL. I RUSHED IT SO I COULD FINISH IT TODAY, OR IT WON'T HAVE THE SAME MEANING, OKAY? AND IT'S 11.22PM AT THE TIME I WROTE THIS STATEMENT, SO HA. *Has to complete this post and x-posting in the next 38 minutes wut*

This is an AU fic; the premises are actually from an RP hme_onair which was formerly known as bleach_beats, where formative plays Gin and I play Aizen in present day corporate America XD I had Bleach Beats in mind where Aizen was CEO of a recording company and Gin was publicist when writing this, but it doesn't matter as much if you don't know the RPs. I can't believe Gin turns 40 this year.

I've loved writing with you these years, formative, as well as all the RPers I've met in my RPs. It saddens me that we don't talk as much anymore, especially with the people I have come to know and love and confide in. Don't ever stop being awesome.

Title: Unbroken Promise
Characters: Aizen X Gin
Word Count: 1082
Date Written: 10 April 2009
Summary: Gin wants Aizen to celebrate his birthday with him. It doesn't look like it'll turn out this way this year.
Theme(s) Used: [Dance] 6. "Missing" by Everything But The Girl (30_ballads)
#45 - Ignored (50scenes)

Lost and insecure; you found me, you found me lying on the floor; surrounded, surrounded. Why'd you have to wait? Where were you? Where were you? Just a little late; you found me, you found me.Collapse )

Sounds of Silence

Actually I first heard this song many years ago but I watched Watchmen on Friday and they had it in the funeral scene and I was reminded of the song all over again. Dug it out from my iTunes library, listened to it a few more times and, yeah. Got the inspiration to write this.

Good movie by the way. I actually liked Doctor Manhattan. 8D

Title: Sounds of Silence
Characters: Aizen X Gin
Word Count: 421
Date Written: 15 March 2009
Summary: It's normal to brood in a place where it's always night.
Theme(s) Used: [Dance] 29. "Dreamland" by Nu NRG (30_ballads)
#12 - Silence (50scenes)

Hello Darkness my old friend; I've come to talk with you again.Collapse )

Withering to Death

Eh, so, with this, I've completed exactly half of my claims at 50scenes 8D 25 with Byakuya and 25 with Gin. Honestly, hitting this halfway point was my target for the holidays, and since today (or, technically, yesterday) is/was the last day of my holidays, I have met my target.

And yes, boo last day of holidays </3

I don't know where to go from here. XD Of course I am determined to finish my claims but I haven't really set a timeline or anything. That and my waning interest in Bleach is not a good sign, but we'll see how we go.

I hope you enjoy this piece. It's short, as my previous piece of AiGin also was. I've purposely left it a little ambiguous so it could be an AU RenBya, AiBya or whomever else you would like to top in this work.

Title: Withering to Death
Characters: ? X Byakuya
Word Count: 350
Date Written: 2 March 2009
Summary: Like a lotus blooming; like a lotus withering to death.
Theme(s) Used: #18 - Lotus (50scenes)

And I don't know why; I can't keep my eyes off of you.Collapse )

Madly in Love

You'll Never Have Me

Title: You'll Never Have Me
Characters: Aizen X Gin
Word Count: 769
Date Written: 18 January 2009
Summary: Hurt me, hate me, love me, fuck me - do whatever you want to me, but you can never have me.
Theme(s) Used: [Dance] 11. "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics (30_ballads)
#16 - Empty (50scenes)

Some of them want to be abused.Collapse )

Dec. 29th, 2008

It is all coming into place...

...albeit very slowly. 8D


Writing on borrowed time XD Will x-post later.

Title: Bitter
Characters: Aizen X Gin
Word Count: 579
Date Written: 23 December 2008
Summary: You can't read my mind... you don't know how much I hate you.
Theme(s) Used: [Dance] 7. "What is Love" by Haddaway (30_ballads)
#48 - Pluto (50scenes)

Don't hurt me no more.Collapse )

Timeout & I Hate to Want You

Posted both chapters at the same time - supposed to post the first one earlier but didn't have time to before the trip.

Don't know when I will next update this, but I will try and do my best as usual.

Will X-post like mad tomorrow... or whenever.

Title: Timeout (Chapter 6)
Characters: Renji X Byakuya
Word Count: 2,885
Date Written: Finished by 30 November 2008
Summary: Wintry scenes are filmed at a remote location, where Byakuya get to unwind and relax a little and Renji gets some of his action scenes done.
Theme(s) Used: #14 - Passenger (50scenes)

“How d’ya know? He looks the same all the time.”

Title: I Hate to Want You - A Christmas Special (Chapter 7)
Characters: Renji X Byakuya
Word Count: 4,952
Date Written: ~1 December to 20 December 2008
Summary: Unrequited feelings are perhaps not so unrequited after all.
Theme(s) Used: #47 - Special (50scenes)

He thought he had kept all these precious memories locked away in a box, but all he had put inside his box was emptiness.

Money Can't Buy Everything

Continuing on with the collab x)

Title: Money Can't Buy Everything (Chapter 5)
Characters: Renji X Byakuya
Word Count: 2,239
Date Written: 21-22 November 2008
Summary: You can't just fall sick and then pretend that none of it ever happened.
Theme(s) Used: #9 - Guarded (50scenes)

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